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The incidents of trespassing are already a problem in the past eras. Today, incidents like these progresses rapidly, which led to the inventions of automated doors security systems. These door security systems aims to secure shops, homes, offices, and building to prevent illegal entry and lessen the cause of burglary.  It can function on its own in any time of the day without the need of the assistance of a person.


The recent door security systems including door brace are design to suit various door types such as plastic doors, glass doors, wood doors, metal doors, and fiberglass doors. Different considerations are done in order to meet every requirement of all types of doors and all types of security needed for any buildings. Requiring passwords that allows electronic door-locking device are popular for home security systems while high-end security systems with burglar sensor alarm and CCTV cameras are used for large commercial homes. 


For more complex building such as the government offices, research and laboratory entry, military and defense organizations, security systems with higher and state-of-the-art concepts are used to protect the entrance door. There are numerous high-end identification format created to prevent any accident or incident to happen. It also varies on the security needed by the organization and department. Biometric solutions are used by some organizations such as fingerprint identifications, eyeball identifications, and the like. Due to these high-end solutions, it needs to have its own data centers where all information collected are stored, enters, leaves, and mismatches. Digital prints are available for each owner, aiding the security agency to take care of the safety and consent of each entity.


There are different door hardware security devices that were invented with the help of advanced technologies. An example would be is the laser technology that is used in door security systems that has an unseen laser beam that surrounds the door. If any unidentified person has interrupted the beam, the security alarm will be activated and informs the owner. Another example are the motion-sensors that focuses on any movements in and around the door which can immediately select were exactly the suspected person would be.


Many homes and others commercial establishments had already taken this opportunity of guarding their property. The door security systems only cost you in the moment you purchase and nothing more. It can provide you safety without abusing your money. 


This is a technique that guards or signals you at the doorway.


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